The drive to God’s Future

Consistency is a highly-priced virtue. But is it always? Let’s look at this scenario, using driving as the analogy.

God gives us His dream, shows us a glimpse of a glorious future and begins to lead us on the path towards it.

Along this path, there may come a time when we need to change direction because He’s nudging us to. We then realise that we’ll need to slow down to make this turn, stop entirely or even make a U-turn towards this new direction.

However, a lot of people have seen us on the path we’re on. They’re very impressed and are applauding. We don’t want to disappoint them. We’re afraid of diminishing our “relevance”. We don’t want to slow down because we’ll be perceived as “inconsistent”. 

So we take a firm hold of the wheels and drive on. All seem well, the applause keeps coming, and accolades keep rolling in. All the while, God keeps trying to reach us, but His voice is being drowned by the noise of all the ovation.

We see ourselves accelerating. We think it’s a good thing, but we don’t realise we’re actually on a downward slope, hence the acceleration. By now, we’re going too fast to read signposts along the way. We’re going really fast, only in the wrong direction…

I believe that consistency permits us to pause, restrategise, or to stop entirely. If you can relate to this scenario, know that it’s never too late to stop. And if you think that you’re beginning to lose control of your vehicle, I hope you don’t hesitate to call out for help. For God’s help.

Have a blessed week.


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