The Exchange

What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?– (Jesus, Mark 8:36)

We’re living in times where the voice of the world is getting deafening. And with every passing day, it seems like we hear the voice of the Lord even less.

There seems to be a lot to gain in this world now, more than ever before. So much so that bargains are being made, trades are being made, and exchanges are being made.

You see, a soul is worth more than the best offer from the world. Yes, there’s gain in the world. But it is fleeting. Do not trade integrity for lies. Do not trade family for ambition. Do not trade relationships to gratify your ego. Do not sacrifice your soul on the altar of material possessions. Do not make bargains with the devil.

The world is transient, but your soul has an eternal destination. Your choices today determine that destination.

Have a blessed week.


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