The Cheers of Heaven & Our Race on Earth

“…then we will be able to run life’s marathon race with passion and determination, for the path has been already marked out before us.”
(‭‭-Hebrews‬ ‭12:1‬b TPT)

This expression reminds me of inter-house sports back in secondary school, of the athletes positioned on their respective tracks waiting to begin the race. I recall that only those at vantage points had a clear view of the tracks and all the athletes at once- The Judges. For the rest of us, seated in smouldering canopies, only some athletes were visible. The fact that we didn’t have a clear view of the rest of them, however, didn’t make us deem them less important. In the same vein, it didn’t affect their performance, nor did it cause them to covet another’s track.

We are all running life’s race, on our individual tracks. For some, their tracks may be visible, for others, not very much so. In times when we feel like our lights are drowned by a million others, we’ll do well to remember that we have an innumerable barrage of witnesses surrounding us like clouds. They have the vantage point and they’re cheering us on, counting on us to run diligently, focusing on our own tracks. Ultimately, we have our heavenly Father whose applause we must covet.

I’m writing this to the security agent at an establishment who feels like he has little to offer. To the husband whose wife is on the front line and has to stand behind her, cheering her on whilst ignoring society’s jeers. To the stay-at-home mum who seems to have traded her dreams for family. To the cashier at the bank who thinks his job to too monotonous to matter. I’m writing to us all, who sometimes wonder how much difference our lives make. You are being watched. You are seen. You’re being applauded by the One whose opinion is ultimate. So, keep running.

Have a splendid week.


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