Christ, His Followers & Our Following

What does it mean to be a follower of Christ?
I mean what does it entail? Do we follow Christ the way we follow people on social media? Passively scrolling through their posts, liking or engaging with the ones which appeal to us and ignoring those that don’t?

Do we follow him like we do a TV show? Tuning in when we’re opportune to, bringing it up in conversations occasionally? Tuning off when it’s over or when we’ve lost interest?

Or do we follow Him the way He wants to be followed? Actively, with utmost commitment, totally and wholly being consumed by Him? So much so that we become defined by who He is and exchange our open-mindedness for possessing the mind of Christ?

In truly following Him, we merge the freedom He bought us with His blood, with the beautiful devoted service of being slaves to His will and purposes. And as we yield, our mortality is swallowed by His divinity.

We don’t follow on our terms. We follow on His terms.

Have a blessed week.


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